The Legend of #155

*tap* *tap*

Is this thing still on?

It's been a while. Over two years, to be precise. Which, coincidentally, happens to be about the age of the oldest open ticket on my issue tracker at RC-Gamers. But don't let that fool you: this particular thorn in my side has existed effectively since the day I started with them, way back in 2016. This is the story of issue #155.

Some Background

When I first started with RC, my role was to migrate the existing software suite from the Bukkit API (a modified version of the Minecraft: Java Edition server software) to the then-somewhat newfangled SpongeAPI…

On Net Neutrality

Note: This brief essay was submitted as an FCC filing in correspondence with proceeding 17-108 "Restoring Internet Freedom."

The Internet exists in our current day as an open platform for information on which any given entity may publish content for consumption. This is the state in which it was initially realized, and the principle on which it has operated in the decades since. The compromise of net neutrality would effectively destroy this facet of the platform, allowing content to be prioritized or deprioritized (or even blocked entirely!) in the name of the bottom line. Internet service…

The Real JonTron Rant

Time to get political again. Oh boy.

You may have heard by now of the controversy surrounding YouTube personality JonTron. For those unacquainted, basically, Jon went on a livestream last week for the purpose of a political debate and expressed a number of extremely questionable sentiments which bordered uncomfortably close to the realms of racism and white nationalism.

But, I'm not here to talk about that. Rather, yesterday, he uploaded a video entitled My Statement: in which he discussed the debate which had taken place, and attempted to clarify his stance on the issues discussed (transcript…

Auto-Update Woes

Certain users of my projects TTT and Steel may have noticed that the third-party auto-updater used by both of them recently broke. Ordinarily, this updater works by checking CurseForge for any updated releases, and if any are found, downloading them and replacing their own JARs with the newly downloaded files. However, a relatively recent change to the ServerMods API caused the updater to malfunction, downloading invalid artifacts and effectively deleting its respective plugin.

So what happened?

The ServerMods API is a REST service provided by Curse which essentially returns all available…

On Discontinuing Pore

Well, we're officially killing Pore. We had fun developing it over the past year and a half(!), but unfortunately we believe it's no longer worth the effort to continue work on it. I'll highlight our main reasons for this conclusion below.

There Are Only Two of Us

Since its inception, Pore has been developed almost exclusively by myself and Minecrell. It's a fairly large project, and building it with a two-person team is very difficult and requires a great deal of effort. Additionally, we have lives and academics/other projects that prevent us from dedicating a sufficient amount of time to…

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