My Projects and the Future

It's now been more than three months since my post about the fall of Bukkit. Since then, however, the situation has massively changed. Spigot has updated their server software to 1.8, as well as Bukkit and CraftBukkit. They were essentially able to do this (seemingly) legally because the free code is merged with the non-free code by the server owners themselves, but that's a little bit complicated and an explanation for another post.

Anyhow, despite these legal workarounds, the project is still on shaky turf as it still uses DMCA'ed code, especially considering Wolvereness himself explicitly threatened legal action (although he doesn't seem to have done anything yet and is currently dedicating his time to crafting extremely huffy and self-righteous tweets).

That being said, seeing as the community around Bukkit has been somewhat restored by this (unofficial) update, I've made the decision as a developer to continue work on my Bukkit-related projects, despite my initial resolution to halt it entirely. The exception to this is GoldBank, which I do not anticipate developing further for Bukkit because its codebase makes my head hurt and I intend to completely rewrite it for Sponge anyway.

The primary reason for my decision is that I've come to the realization that my projects still have a following, and the users want me to keep working on them. Since I enjoy it anyhow, I don't have any reason to kill them off so soon. I still intend to port them to Sponge in the future, at which point I'll stop updating the Bukkit versions, but there's no reason to do that before Sponge even has a functional implementation.

Something I don't think I've talked about on this blog before is a little project I started back when Sponge was first announced called Pore. Pore is essentially a Bukkit implementation which serves as a bridge to SpongeAPI. The tl;dr version is that it's a Sponge plugin provides compatibility with Bukkit plugins to Sponge servers, which ordinarily wouldn't be feasible due to legal issues. This project has been occupying most of my free time for the past few weeks, as it's no small task to manually port hundreds of classes and thousands of methods by hand. Luckily, I have some friends over at the Lapis project (which Pore has merged with), namely Minecrell, who have been helping me with the project.

Now, onto my non-Minecraft-related projects. I've lost interest in Voxem, my personal Terraria clone, for the time being, so I don't expect it to really go anywhere anytime soon. It's really kind of poorly structured and frustrating to work with sometimes. The other project which I've been working on (and haven't yet publicly announced) is a complete rewrite of in JSP. The reasoning behind this undertaking is that I've been building off of poorly structured, poorly written, poorly organized PHP (which, incidentally, doesn't have the best reputation as a language) I pieced together when I was 13 and my programming experience was limited to Batch and TI-BASIC. That aside, I have most of the core work done at this point, but there's still a lot ahead that I need to find the motivation to do at some point in the next several months.

Also, once I'm finished porting Amigocraft, I'll also probably port this blog. It's not as bad having been written quite a while later, but you know, PHP.

Posted by Max Roncace on December 12, 2014

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